Naina Shahani 06 Feb 2018 AT 09:40 AM

Abu Dhabi to get Salik toll system

Motorists who cross without paying the fee will be fined
Naina Shahani 06 Feb 2018 AT 09:40 AM
Abu Dhabi to get Salik toll system
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His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, has just issued a new law that will see residents of Abu Dhabi pay for road tolls.

Much like motorists in Dubai, the new tolling system will operate without toll booths or barriers, once motorists pass the toll, a fee will be deducted through an electronic tag that will be stuck to the windshield of the vehicle.

The toll fee along with the operation times and "toll" areas for Abu Dhabi have yet to be announced. However those who pass the gates, which will be installed imminently, without paying face a penalty of up to AED10,000.

Ambulances, public buses, motorcycles and civil defence vehicles will be exempt from paying the toll fee.

If you're new to Dubai, here's what you need to know about the city's tolling system, Salik.

  • The word 'Salik' also means “clear and moving” in Arabic.
  • The concept was originally implemented in 2007 and today consists of seven toll gates, which can be found at various locations across the city; Al Safa, Al Barsha, Al Garhoud Bridge, Al Maktoum Bridge, Al Mamzar North and South and Airport Tunnel.
  • The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) designed the system to be free-flowing, which means that you do not need to stop or get out of your car to manually pay for the toll. Instead, everything is done automatically, through the use of a tag that has to placed on your car's window.
  • AED4 is deducted every time, you pass a Salik toll gate.
  • To register for Salik, click here. Important information required include your car’s plate number, the emirate it was registered in and the Traffic Code number.

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