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Dubai’s waste disposal fee to come into effect in May



The Dubai Municipality will start charging for the disposal of waste from May this year.

According to an official press release, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, decree on the waste disposal fees and fines in Dubai will come into effect from May 17.

The initative forms part of the government’s plan to reduce the per capita solid waste generation per day to 900 grams.

Once the new law comes into effect, owners or property management companies of commercial or residential buildings will have to make a contract with municipality-approved private companies to collect and transport their waste to landfills.

According to the decree, the fee for disposing various types of waste per tonne have been set for three years, with an AED5 to AED10 increase expected annually until 2020.

The fee for waste materials will start at AED80 per tonne, the fee for organic waste will start from AED30 while the fee for recycable material will start at AED30 per tonne.

The fee for agricultural waste has been set at AED10 and until stated otherwise, will not be subject to an increase.

Companies have been given a maximum of six months to make the contract.

So far, the Dubai Municipality has been providing building owners the service for free with companies transporting the waste paying a fee of AED10 for dumping waste at landfills.

“These fees will not be applicable to waste generated in residential areas covered by the municipality. But they are applicable to waste generated in residential properties of private developers who are using the service of private companies for waste disposal,” a senoir official told local news paper, Gulf News.

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