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Dubai Municipality to use a waste shark to clean up the creek



Dubai authorities have announced that they will be bringing a shark to our shores. No, not a real shark, relax folks. It’s a state of the art mechanical waste shark that has come to clear our waterways of waste.

The nifty little cleaner will join Dubai Municipality’s existing fleet of waterway clean-up boats and will be tasked with cleaning up the waterways of Dubai Creek.

If you’re a little curious as to how it works, here’s what you need to know.

  • The waste shark runs on electricity and is controlled by a remote.
  • It is fitted with dynamic sensors and a smart camera that can track floating debris and remove them.
  • It, unfortunately, does not feature any fins nor does a cool da dun da dun soundtrack automatically play when it approaches…it’s still cool though.

Currently, cleaning of Dubai Creek and waterways such as Business Bay Canal, Dubai Water Canal and Al Jaddaf Creek is carried out through a specialised unit which includes 50 specialist marine workers and cleaners as well as a fleet of 13 marine vehicles for manual and hydraulic recovery option.

Simultaneously, Dubai Municipality is also working on the reduction of per capita solid waste generation per day. It will do so by charging a waste disposal fee of AED80 per tonne of waste. Fees for recyclable materials has been set to AED30, while the fee for organic waste will start from AED30. The fee will come into effect from May 17 this year.

For more information on the waste disposal decree, click here.

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