Burj Khalifa gets two new LED light shows

Ahhh Burj Khalifa, the stunning building that has captured our hearts and our phone’s camera reel. Yeah, we have dozens of snaps with only half of the Burj in it too, happens when it’s the tallest building in the world…

And with two new LED light shows introduced, it seems like our phone’s memory will always be dedicated to the stunning landmark.

The first is called “Strides” and it aims to celebrate both technology and nature while the second “Neon” is (as you guessed it) about colours.

The two shows will be on daily.

On weekdays, it will air every 60 minutes from 6.15pm to 10.15pm and on weekends, it will take place every 30 minutes from 6.15pm to 10.45pm.
If you missed the Burj’s New Year’s Eve display “Light Up” fear not. The show will be displayed daily until March 31.


If lights aren’t your thing, maybe water is.

The Dubai Mall is home to the city’s famed Dubai Fountain, the largest performing fountain show in the world.

The daily show, which has a show on every 30 minutes from 6pm until 11pm, sees hundreds of tourists gather to watch as gallons of water dances along to melodic beats – it ranges from drum beats and Middle Eastern tunes to smooth jazz.

And if you like being close to the action, you can. For AED20, you can not only be closer to the giant water fountain than most, you can also be further away the crowd – we were sold on that point alone.

To book your spot, . Please note that kids under the age of four will not be permitted on the promenade.

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