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Dubai’s Global Village is having a weekly sale



If you’ve recently cleaned out your closet *starts humming Eminem’s hit song*, chances are you’ve pulled out a pile of stuff that you’ve barely used or probably haven’t used at all. Wondering what to do with it? We have the answer: make your way to Global Village.

Because the long loved entertainment destination is hosting a boot sale, every Friday.

We’ve been and we can tell you that you can expect to bag everything from wooden antics to Burberry coats for AED200 to vintage accessories and electronics.

If you’d like to sell your goods, you need to book your spot. Either on-site for AED200 or in advance for AED150. Click here to do so.

And, we’ve of course got a list of tips to help you grab a bargain – we lost out the Burberry coat because well, we didn’t grab it when we had the chance…

1. Get there early
The sale starts at 1pm which means that all the good stuff is usually goene by 1.05pm… just kidding it usually takes like an hour for all the mediums to go. So, be sure to get there at 1pm sharp. Maybe even earlier is possible.


2. Bring help
You’re bound to find more than a few things you like and we’d hate to see you lose out on that designer dress because you had to put your goods in your car.


3. Bring money
By money we mean actual printed money and not cards. It’s a flea market. No one has credit card machines – we learnt that the hard way. If you forget, there is an ATM nearby.


Global Village Car Boot Sale
When: 1pm-5pm, every Friday until April 6
Where: Global Village
Price: Free entry
Contact: website

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