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Etisalat is having a massive discount on electronics



If you’re suddenly in a state of panic because you still haven’t bought your loved one anything for Valentine’s Day yet, relax because Etisalat has you covered.

The telecommunication provider is holding a whopping 60 percent discount on various electronics that range from smartphones to smart watches and headphones.

With a number of great items on offer, we have shortlisted three of our favourite.

The nifty devices comes with gorilla glass which means that if you’re clumsy like us, your screen is more or less protected. It also comes with an external memory options which means that should you opt for it, you will no longer have to delete memories to save one mediocre picture that you are probably going to delete in a few days anyway.
Discounted Price: AED949
Actual Price: AED2,399
Contact: website

Samsung Galaxy S8
This is one smartphone we like. It has an end-to-end screen which makes it look super cool and fancy while the 12 mega pixel rear camera allows you to take some pretty great food snaps. The 8 mega pixel front camera is pretty good for selfies, so plus points for that. It comes with your very own personal assistant. Not really, Bixby is sorta like Apple’s version of Siri. So, you can ask it things like where you can find cafes in the area, the weather and such. Etisalat is also giving you Samsung’s virtual reality goggles, Gear VR3.
Discounted Price: AED2,549
Actual Price: AED3,149
Contact: website

Apple Air Pods
We’ve also had issues with losing our headphones and ever since Apple went wireless, said issue got worse. Our advice? Buy two.
Discounted Price: AED549
Actual Price: AED649
Contact: website

For the full list of devices, click here.

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