Naina Shahani 25 Feb 2018 AT 09:45 AM

Robots will soon conduct visa medical tests in Dubai

Yes, we're being serious
Naina Shahani 25 Feb 2018 AT 09:45 AM
Robots will soon conduct visa medical tests in Dubai
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Futuristic technology isn’t new to Dubai. The city had its first operational robot policeman join Dubai Police in May last year, and now, a robot could soon be conducting medical tests for Dubai employment visas.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) unveiled its Salem Innovation Centre as part of its participation in the UAE Innovation Month over the weekend. It is the region’s first fully autonomous medical fitness centre powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (ioT).

Director of Medical Fitness Services Department at the DHA, Maisa Al Bustani shared details about the centre, which would be a one-stop destination for all visa-related medical fitness tests, stating that it aims to offer services without any human interaction. Plus it would be paperless, require no data entry and will have no errors.

For those curious about how the system will work? Here’s what you need to know. AI technology will be used to identify a customer through iris and facial print, while a smart scale will record vital measurements such as height, weight and BMI. Then, a special robot will conduct the tests after which results will be sent to both parties in a secure way. Payment for the services can be made through Apple Pay, mPay, ePay and Samsung Pay.

Here’s a recap of the three instances where Dubai embraced AI technology in the past...

Robot customer inspector
The award-winning android robot inspector is capable of detecting thermal heat and body language. It also has facial recognition and luggage tracking abilities.
Dubai Customs Robot

Robot pharmacist
Dubai Hospital’s new smart pharmacy is manned by a robot pharmacist, designed to dispense and prescribe medicines to patients, up to 12 prescriptions in less than one minute.

Robot policeman
Standing at a height of 170cm, ‘Robocop’ has the ability to detect emotions, hand gestures and navigate its path automatically. Don’t be surprised to find it patrolling the city’s massive malls.
Dubai Robot Policeman

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