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LinkedIn’s newest feature aims to help professionals find mentors



Applying for jobs is tough. There’s putting together a CV, which takes hours and in some cases days, then applying for jobs and waiting for someone to get back to you and then there are those who really don’t know what they want to do, so the aforementioned points become even harder…

If you’re one of those people struggling to figure what you want to do or are just looking for a little advice, LinkedIn’s latest feature is perfect for you.

Introducing Career Advice, a feature that provides advice from professionals in a number of industries ranging from finance to entertainment to hospitality.

“We’ve been piloting this feature in a few regions the past couple of months, and some great connections have already been made,” says Senior Manager Marketing and PR for LinkedIn Middle East and North Africa, Nada Enan.

Here’s a guide on how to use the nifty feature:

  • Find the Career Advice hub on the dashboard of your LinkedIn profile
  • Enter your preferences for the type of advice you’re looking to receive (or perhaps even give)
  • LinkedIn then recommends members based on what you’ve specified, mutual interests and what the platform knows about you professionally
  • Once you find a match, you’ll be alerted. You can then send a message to start a conversation.

With more than 546 million professionals using the platform, we don’t think that finding a mentor will be too difficult.

It’s also worth noting that LinkedIn will be introducing a new tool that will help you know what kind of salary to expect at your next or first job. Salary Insights, aims to determine what pay bracket a job falls into. It does so by accumulating and calculating the average salary of a specific field, across the region.

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