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Dubai Marina replaces water buses with abras



Boat rides are great, aren’t they? There’s nothing like having the wind in your hair and re-creating Kate Winslet’s infamous Titanic scene – the one where she pretends to fly. Not the one where she lets Leo freeze to death because she refuses to make room for him on a very spacious piece of wood.


In an attempt to improve the city’s public marine transport, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority has replaced several water buses in Dubai Marina with air-conditioned abras.

While recreating the ‘flying’ scene might be a bit hard to do on an abra, the traditional boats are a great way to see the area and the ride will cost just as much as a water taxi.

Aside from Dubai Marina, here are three places where you can take one of the oldest means of transport in the region…

Dubai Creek
The Dubai Creek is filled with history and culture which can be seen from its architecture and the many products sold – dates, spices and gold, are just a few of the bargains that you can expect to bag. The abra ride is roughly eight minutes long and costs just AED1. In short, it’s the one to choose if you’re looking to experience the mode of transport in its traditional form.

Dubai Canal
At AED25, the abra ride at the Dubai Canal is a bit more expensive than those offered at the Dubai Creek but it is still worth a visit. This is mainly because of the view and the motion sensored waterfall.

Madinat Jumeirah
If you want to take in the magic that is Madinat Jumeirah, an abra ride is the best way to do it. The luxury resort’s abra offering is 20 minutes long and costs AED85 per person (AED50 for kids).


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