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Ramadan working hours for UAE private sector announced



The UAE’s Federal Authority For Government Human Resources has confirmed that there will be reduced working hours for both those working in private and public sectors in the UAE during Ramadan.

Government employees will work from 9am to 2pm throughout the Holy Month, while private sector employees will have their working day reduced by two hours.

Salaries during the Holy Month will remain unchanged.

The only exception to the reduced working hours are those who work in DIFC. As the area is it governed by a different law, shorter working hours are only available to those who fast.

“During the Holy month of Ramadan, an employee who observes the fast shall not be required to work in excess of six hours a day. There shall be no reduction in compensation as a result,” the DIFC labour law states.

Ramadan Kareem

The exact starting date for Ramadan is yet to be announced, however, the UAE’s Minister of Justice has ordered the establishment of a moon sighting committee that will declare the start date of the Holy Month.

The committee is set to meet after the Maghrib prayer tonight, May 15.

Should the crescent be spotted, it will mean that the first day of Ramadan will be tomorrow, Wednesday, May 16.

Previously, Sharjah’s Centre for Astronomy and Space Sciences predicted that Ramadan in the UAE is expected to start on Thursday, May 17.

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