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8 tips to taking the perfect shot of the sunset



In today’s society, it’s difficult to have a sold stand on most things. Take coffee for example. One minute scientists are telling us that coffee is bad for you and the next, they’re telling us that drinking six cups of Joe a day can actually help prevent heart disease. That said, there are two things that we know to be true. The first is that pancakes will always be better than waffles. And, the second is that sunsets always make for great photos.

The former will not be discussed any further and the latter is a trend that we are seeing more and more of thanks to the Holy Month of Ramadan.
In an effort to help our readers (and us) capture the perfect sunset using an iPhone X, we asked our friends at Apple who asked their friends, local photographers Alanood Mubarak and Ahmad Alrais, for some tips.

Read on and be sure to remember us when you’re winning awards for your ace photography skills.

1. Research
To capture great photos, you have research the location you’re visiting. Make sure to identify where the sun sets and follow its path that way know where to set up. Also, it would be wise to bring a tripod.

2. Location
The weather, time of the year and location all affect the colour and feel of the last light. For example, the desert creates deep oranges because of the dust while the sea has bluer hues due to the water particles.

3. Framing
Step back and find the right angle. If you want to capture small silhouettes in the foreground and a bigger sunset sky as the background, stand approximately 40 meters away from the horizon and get as low as possible.

4. Color
A single sunset creates a vast spectrum of colour. Aim away from the sun to a shot that’s a bit more abstract. Shooting lighter skies will give you more control when you’re enhancing the image’s colours, contrast and saturation.

5. Lock focus & exposure
Always adjust the exposure to get the lighting just right. Once the focus and exposure look great, lock it in the same spot. You do this by pressing and holding the screen until you see “AE/AF Lock”.

6. Features
Experiment with Live Photo, Video, and Slo-mo to expand your creative expression and capture additional live moments.

7. Timing
The sunset isn’t finished. Even after the sun goes down, the sky still changes colour. Some of the best colours appear just after the sun has disappeared. So, wait until you’re sure you’ve captured the last light bit of light before you leave.

8. Edit your photos
Once you’ve captured and selected your top sunset shots, you can edit them slightly to make the colours pop out more using various photo editing apps.


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