Mike Rampton18 Jun 2018 AT 01:25 PM

These simple hacks will give you way better Google search results

Find exactly what you’re after every time with a few tweaks to your Google searching habits
Mike Rampton18 Jun 2018 AT 01:25 PM
These simple hacks will give you way better Google search results
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Google isn’t the only search engine in the world, but it might as well be. Nobody ever sees something intriguing and quickly fires up AltaVista. Nobody’s asking Jeeves anything. Other than an annual wrestle to remove its toolbar from your parents’ dusty desktop computer, Yahoo! rarely enters your mind. Nope, it’s Googs all the way.

Are you doing good Googs though? Are your searches the best searches? You could probably be researching better, and should probably be researching the World Wide Web better. And, here's how to do just that. 

Exact phrases

Google Search Tips -Exact Words

The best-known trick with Google, putting combinations of words within speech marks searches for that exact phrase.

Missing words

Google Search Hacks - Missing Words

If you know the beginning and the end of a phrase but don’t quiiiite have the whole thing, an asterisk can take the place of a missing word.

Excluded words

Google Search Tips -Excluded Words

If you want results that don’t include a specific term, putting a minus sign before that word will exclude any results with it in.


Google Tips - Synonyms

Placing a tilde (the little squiggly one) before a word searches for known synonyms of it as well, which can be especially useful with things like Americanisms. 


Google Tips - Ranges

Searching for shopping stuff but aren’t made of money? Need a ruler that’s pretty long, but not toooooo long? Two full stops between two numbers, prices or dates limit results to that specific range.

Site-specific searches

Google Search - Site-specific searches

If you only want to find results from, say, shortlistdubai dot com, because, then adding site:shortlistdubai.com to the Google bar will absolutely get you where you need to be.


Google Linkback search

Have you made something and put it on the internet? Do you want to know if people are linking to it and calling you bad words? putting link: before it (without a space) will show you everywhere on the doubleyou doubleyou doubleyou it’s been mentioned.

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