Kate-Lynne Wolmarans15 Aug 2018 AT 09:49 AM

Humidity to reach 95 percent in parts of the UAE today

NCMS predicts high humidity levels to continue throughout the week
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans15 Aug 2018 AT 09:49 AM
Humidity to reach 95 percent in parts of the UAE today
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Look outside folks, what do you see? Not much probably, thanks to that delightful layer of moisture that's accumulated on your window.

According to this week's weather report, the current stickiness that has caused your rather damp appearance is set to last for the next few days.

In fact, the National Centre of Meteorology has predicted that today's humidity is set to reach a high of 95 percent – lovely.

The official report reads: "Hot in general and hazy at times with the chance of convective clouds forming in the afternoon."

It added that there will be light to moderate winds with relative humidity set to increase at night and early in the morning.

NCMS Weather Report - Humidity August 15

Being the meme loving publication that we are, we've rounded up some of our favorite memes and tweets that describe what it's like to live in Dubai at the moment...

We couldn't agree with Superman more...

This is what our mornings look like now...

We've seen a few

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And a few of these too...

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We agree

What happens after being outside for 3.5 seconds 


When you're trying to explain to everyone that you are, in fact, good looking...


To help you potentially enjoy the next few days, we've shortlisted three great indoor activities to try. 

1. ScreenX

Dubai Cinemas- ScreenX

Reel Cinemas' brand new 270 degree cinema experience features 4DX cinema technology, the multisensory cinema technology that includes motion and environmental effects. In short, get ready to watch "The Meg" from three screens and have a bit of sea water splashed on you.
Where: Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall
Contact: website

2. Smash Room

If only our frustration with this year’s summer heat would evaporate too. While it’s not socially acceptable to go around smashing things in public, Smash Room has created a safe space to do just that. Items to destroy include old TVs, stereos and glass ware. Weapons include gold baseball bats, golf clubs and sledge hammers. Ps. if you bring your own items, it's cheaper.
Where: Smash Room, 195 Umm Sequim Street, Al Quoz Industrial 4.
Price: From AED 99
Contact: +971 4 339 7810, website

3. VR Park

The double story park is home to three great virtual experiences; Dubai Drone, Ape X and John Wick Chronicles. Our favourite being "Dubai Drone". Set in 2050, the ride is based around a taxi journey in the sky. The only issue is, the sky is full of traffic and your taxi spins out of control – great fun.
Where: The Dubai Mall, Level 2
Price: From AED 45
Contact: +971 4 448 8483, website

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