Kate-Lynne Wolmarans27 Aug 2018 AT 01:26 PM

Fan of online games? You need to read this

Dubai Police is urging all gamers to take better care when playing free online games
Kate-Lynne Wolmarans27 Aug 2018 AT 01:26 PM
Fan of online games? You need to read this
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Online games are ace, aren’t they? After a long day of work, there’s nothing we like more than to sit in front of another screen and build our beloved farm. Yes, we never moved past FarmVille. Even better than online games are free ones. Because why pay to play, when you’re already (with the exception of a few – James, we see you creeping on our Wi-Fi connection, you cheap weirdo) paying for an internet connection.

But while, free online games are great, they can also be dangerous. Not in the sense of physical harm (that’s for those who play sitting down and not while walking around without a concern in the world, only to be met with a high five on the face from the floor) but more that of cyber threats.

Recent reports suggest that while we innocently tap away on our keyboard in an attempt to build our online empire, some loner is using our happiness as an attempt to hack into our devices and nick our personal details, which, often, includes the details of the banking account that we use to pay for that internet line that SOMEONE (James) keeps trying to “share”.

It’s this concern over cyber security that has caused Dubai authorities to issue an official statement, urging all online gamers to take better care when playing their free online game of choice.

The announcement reads: “Most “free” online games make profit through collecting and exploiting personal information thus violating your privacy, so be careful and spread awareness among your family members.”

Because we care about you and want you be happy, we’ve shortlisted a few tips to help you game safer.

Setup a firewall

No, it’s not an actual wall of fire – although that would be cool, it’s an online barrier between the internet and your network. Think of it like a security guard who stops anyone from accesing your computer without permission.

Restrict the people that you play with

Some online games allow you to limit exactly who you play with, which means that you can limit your "reach" to just your mates or people within a specific area or country. The option to do so, should be located in the "Settings" window of most online games. If the game does not have the option, it might be worth upping the severity of your frewall and or, just finding a new game to play all together. 

Right, we’re off to harvest some crops and feed our livestock.

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