Hayley Kadrou06 Feb 2019 AT 12:19 PM

The McLaren 600LT Spider is a supercar with super speed

But just how practical is it?
Hayley Kadrou06 Feb 2019 AT 12:19 PM
The McLaren 600LT Spider is a supercar with super speed

Appearance: Kermit

Impressive-looking motor, but can we put our shopping bags in it? One or two bags will fit but the car is designed to be lighter than ever. At just 1,297kg, it’s not really meant for a carload of stuff.

No good for the weekly food shop, then? When the roof is up you can fit groceries in that space. But this is not a car you buy for running the family around.

It’s priced at nearly a million dirhams –AED976,959 to be exact.  Wouldn’t a better investment be, say, an apartment or something? Those who love to drive fast cars usually own McLarens, it’s not always considered an investment as such. People buy for all different reasons, often as a gift to themselves. And why not invest in your own happiness – not to mention cutting the time on that road trip to Ras Al Khaimah in half...

Is it comfortable on long drives then? Well, it’s definitely going to be fun. In making the car as light as possible, its makers stripped out everything they could – right down to the carpets and door pockets. There’s still a touchscreen infotainment portal, but forget about playing music – the engine is the only soundsystem you need.

If we need to drop a friend off at the airport would a McLaren LT600 be a good choice? Do they travel light?

Not really. Then perhaps not, but if they’ve just got carry-on luggage  totally. They’d get there in no time, too.

What, even quicker than the Metro? We’d like to think so. The 600LT Spider will reach 100kph (62mph) from a standstill in 2.9 seconds, with 200kph (124mph) achieved in just 8.4 seconds.

Hmm, there’s a lot of traffic down that end of town though, plus the bags wouldn’t fit. Friends visiting Dubai would be impressed if you drive a McLaren…

That’s true, until they ask for a lift to the airport.