25 Mar 2019 AT 10:51 AM

Crazy careers in Dubai

Thinking of a change in role? Sign up for one of these to banish the boredom
25 Mar 2019 AT 10:51 AM
Crazy careers in Dubai

Alot of people come to Dubai looking for a fresh start or new beginning, and while many of us find comfort in working a 9-5 job or starting a business, there are plenty of other options to get the money coming in. For some, a desk job just doesn’t cut it, but fortunately Dubai is full of opportunity and offers work that won’t have you sitting around clock-watching all day. Here’s the best of them…

Professional falconer
The art of falconry dates back almost four thousand years, and locals in Dubai are extremely proud of their heritage, in which this plays a big part. Once known as “the sport of kings”, falconry traditionally involves using a hawk, falcon or eagle to hunt and return live prey. A master falconer will have dedicated up to ten years of their life training their bird to respond to commands. A falconer will typically use equipment such as a hood, to keep the bird calm and alert, a tracker, in case the bird flies off and a glove to protect their hands and wrists from the razor-sharp talons. To become a professional, falconers need to be dedicated to their craft. After all, the birds need constant looking after and can’t be forgotten about at 6pm on a Thursday.
Apply now: royalshaheen.ae/jobs

Snow patroller
Don’t fancy working in the Dubai heat? No problem, Ski Dubai is covered in snow all year round so you won’t have to worry about slapping on the sun cream. While machines are used to monitor the temperature, snow patrollers are always on hand to oversee everything that’s going on in Ski Dubai and with over 22,500 square metres, including five ski runs, that’s a lot to keep on top of. If you don’t fancy spending all day on the slopes, there are also jobs looking after the penguins.
Apply now: careers.majidalfuttaim.com

Burj Khalifa window cleaners
If you’re going to be a window cleaner you might as well be the best darn window cleaner out there. With over 200 floors and 24,000 windows there’s a lot to get through. It takes a team of 36 window cleaners three months to clean the world’s tallest building. Cleaners have to deal with (very) high winds, scorching temperatures and those annoying sand storms. Other than that it’s a, erm, doddle (?!). Apply within...
Apply now: megarme.com

Dune bashing drivers
If you like driving but don’t fancy working for Uber, there’s an alternative in Dubai – bashing sand dunes. Unlike other countries we’re spoilt with wide-open spaces and miles of golden sand to have fun with – and that’s exactly what dune bashers do. Driving on sand requires a lot of skill and concentration, especially as tracks are covered in seconds by the wind so knowing what’s over the dunes is a bit of a lottery. Drivers tend to own their 4x4 and appear to have as much fun as those in the back.
Apply now: arabiantours.com/4x4-owners

Fish feeders

One of Dubai’s biggest tourist attractions is the aquarium in Dubai Mall, which sees thousands of people enjoy the various aquatic experiences including the live shark feeding. PADI-certified divers head down in a cage (with paying customers) to feed the 140 species of marine life, including the world’s largest collection of sand tiger sharks. Dinnertime is quite the spectacle in the aquarium with all the fish coming to eat at the same time.
Apply now: thedubaiaquarium.com/en/About/Careers

Camel whisperer
Many things in Dubai need to be seen to be believed and so it should come as no surprise to see camels strolling along JBR. A camel walker will either guide the creature by foot or ride in front on another camel, especially over longer treks in the desert, to ensure the safety of the passengers. Camel walkers can also be found out in the desert as part of safari packages.
Apply now: Contact Al Ain Farms, Al Ain, +9713 711 4600

Pigeon trainer
Believe it or not, pigeon champions are bred right here in Dubai and take part in competitions around the world. Breeding homing pigeons is no easy task. Typically, a breeder will begin training a pigeon when they’re six weeks old, teaching them how to fly in and out of the loft, usually via a trapdoor. Then the risky business begins.

A trainer will set their bird free, a fair distance from their loft, and hope that it returns – usually with an incentive such as a good dinner and comfortable loft to entice the bird back home. As the pigeon gets used to this it’s taken further and further away and should always return – although it’s not uncommon for breeders to lose their birds.

Skydiving camera flyer
You wouldn’t want to forget that look on your face when you jumped out of a plane and with Skydive Dubai’s camera flyer on hand, you’ll have the video to watch over and over again. The job of a skydiving videographer is to capture your experience from start to finish, which includes an interview before boarding the aircraft, footage onboard and, of course, the jump and free fall. Getting the right shot when 6,000ft in the air isn’t easy, especially when you’re also free-falling towards the ground, but the staff here are of course fully trained and do numerous jumps through the day. If you fancy swapping your desk job for something more exciting, you can enrol in a course to become an instructor, which includes classroom, ground and in-air evaluations.
Apply now: Skydivedubai.ae/career

Indoor skydiving instructor
If sky diving is a little too extreme for you, there’s always the option of an indoor skydive at iFly Dubai. The venue has numerous experiences, including the world’s first double vertical wind tunnel. Instructors here ensure you experience flight in a controlled environment, with the right amount of airflow. One-on-one sessions with a certified instructor, to learn skills such as turning, vertical moves, altimeter checks, and practise pulls,
are available.
Apply now: Careers.majidalfuttaim.com

Professional sleeper
Yes, you read that correctly, someone is getting paid to go to sleep. A hotel in Finland hired someone to test each of their beds out to ensure customer satisfaction. Sign us up!

Fragrance chemist
This is a scientist who tests out smells to be used in soaps and cosmetic products. By studying the odour of molecules, they
can develop different scents, which are used for toiletries.

Waterslide tester
Perhaps the coolest job in the world, these guys not only get to go on the rides first but they’re also getting paid for it. Their job, although it sounds trivial, is to ensure the rides are safe to be opened to the public.