31 Mar 2019 AT 12:57 PM

Dubai launches new Bedouin heritage experience

Guests will be able to learn about the lives of a Bedouin on an interactive excursion
31 Mar 2019 AT 12:57 PM

A new Al Marmoom Bedouin heritage experience has been launched which provides an authentic and interactive taste of local culture.

Offering visitors a unique glimpse into the life of an Emirati Bedouin, the experience aims to provide families with an educational and informative day out with an excursion which showcases the true essence of life in the desert.

There are two different options for those wishing to sign up for the excursion, with the first a morning trip in order to watch the sunrise and the second an afternoon visit in order for you to be able to see the desert sunset.

Guests can expect to learn about the life of a Bedouin during the experience, while the interactive element will enable you to look after your own camel.

Local tour guides will explain how the Bedouin communities lived in years gone by and guests will also be able to enjoy traditional food and live cooking.

The Bedouin community are a group of nomadic Arab people who are traditionally divided into tribes, with their territory stretching from North Africa to the Middle East.

There are many Bedouins who have abandoned their nomadic ways for a modern urban lifestyle, although they still enjoy traditions such as camel riding and camping in the desert.

Guests at the excursion will find a village with a traditional goat enclosure and a tent which will be serving authentic meals and providing educational activities, while those in attendance will also be invited to sit in storytelling circles with Bedouin in order to listen to tales about their culture and heritage.

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