Sebastian Sykes04 Apr 2019 AT 09:09 AM

Etisalat launches UAE’s first cloud gaming service

Play high-definition cloud-based games directly on your TV from AED30 per month
Sebastian Sykes04 Apr 2019 AT 09:09 AM
Etisalat launches UAE’s first cloud gaming service

Gaming in Dubai is on the rise, although we all know playing our favourite games can come at a fairly heavy cost. But why bother spending your hard earned dirhams on a console when you can play triple A titles right on your TV?

Thanks to Etisalat’s brand-new cloud-based gaming service, you won’t need a console anymore. eLife TV Gaming lets gamers stream high-definition (1080P) games right onto their TV, and it comes at an affordable price.

Users can sign up for a monthly subscription with unlimited access to popular games. We’re talking Tomb Raider, Just Cause 2, Lords of the Fallen, Furi, LEGO Star Wars and many more.

The library of games will be constantly updated, with titles from Square Enix, Disney, THQ Nordic, Capcom and Codemasters. Fingers crossed for Final Fantasy.

The cloud-based service comes from the eLife box, so Etisalat eLife users will only need to subscribe to eLife TV Gaming to get signed up. Done? You’re ready to play.

The basic package is AED30 a month with unlimited access to play 20 games, while the the premium pass is priced at AED50 a month and delivers over 40 games.

But how about all the latest gaming releases? Well later on in the year, single hit titles will also be made available to rent, including the latest titles for AED15 to AED20 for 48 hours.

To play them all, you’re going to need a controller, but Etisalat has that covered, too. A list of compatible controllers will be available at (LINK TO SITE -, priced at AED120.

“Cloud gaming on eLife TV provides us with the opportunity to address the largely untapped casual gaming market that wants to play on the big screen and not just on their mobile,” said Chief Consumer Officer of Etisalat, Khaled Elkhouly.

“We believe that eSports and gaming will only continue to grow and that Etisalat will be the champion for this segment in the UAE.”

The service aims to help introduce non-gamers to the world of gaming, giving them classic titles and high-definition games. If you are new: Hello newcomers, welcome to all the fun.

This is huge for gaming in Dubai, and with the hugely-anticipated Google Stadia also set to use streaming-based services, this is a step in the right direction.

“Streaming video games is following the same trend as music and video, where more than 50 percent of content is streamed today, replacing conventional deployment models such as an outright purchase,” said Chairman and CEO of Gamestream Ivan Lebeau.

Who knew gaming would (kind of) come from the clouds?

Price: From AED30 per month