05 May 2019 AT 01:57 PM

Three body pump classes to try

If you want to burn fat quickly, you'd be well advised to get your body pumping at one of these classes...
05 May 2019 AT 01:57 PM
Three body pump classes to try

It’s possible to burn between 500 and 600 calories in a 55-minute session at Fit23. During that time, you will hear ten tracks while focusing on a different muscle group during each one. As the ultimate calorie burning resistance workout it’s very tough, but even more rewarding.
Where: Dubai Marina
Contact: +971 50 569 8954

If you’re in a race against time to get fit, and that two-week holiday has come around faster than you ever imagined, body pump is the perfect way to shed  weight in a short space of time. At NRG, the body pump classes give you a total body workout thanks to the use of light to moderate weights and plenty of repetition.
Where: Marina Walk, Dubai Marina
Contact: +971 50 652 7722

A class which is designed to strengthen your entire body, this hour-long session will challenge all of your major muscle groups as you complete  squats, press-ups, lifts and curls.   You choose your own weights, meaning you are in control of the difficulty level, and with enthusiastic instructors, you’re guaranteed to get a sweat on.
Where: Silverene Tower, Dubai Marina
Contact: +971 800 87423