Darragh Murphy13 May 2019 AT 01:02 PM

An endless ski slope has opened in Dubai

You can ski forever at the Infinite Ski Maxxtrack Slopes in Al Quoz
Darragh Murphy13 May 2019 AT 01:02 PM
An endless ski slope has opened in Dubai

What’s the biggest problem every skier has to face when shredding down those icy peaks? It's definitely the dreadful walk up to said peak. What goes up must come down after all. But now you don't have to worry about that, because there's a way to ski forever.

The recently opened Infinite Ski Maxxtrack Slopes in Dubai features a rotating slope which means you can ski to your hearts content without ever needing to stop – until you tire yourself out, that is.

Opening its doors in Al Quoz 4, the ski centre has two slopes which essentially act as treadmills. They can be set at different speeds and incline levels to suit your skiing prowess, meaning all abilities are welcome.

The best part? You won’t need to layer yourself up with too many jackets, as this indoor slope does not mimic the freezing temperatures of The Alps. Just a t-shirt for us then.

It’s not just skiing either, as those keener to shred some ice snowboard-style can practice their techniques too. Both slopes are sizeable and can fit up to three people at a time, which means those synchronizsd skiers out there can perfect their, well, sync skills.

Fancy giving it a go? You might as well, as everyone can get a trial session completely for free.

If you can’t get enough of it, five sessions are priced at AED495, and those who need it will even recieve top tips and feedback on their technique from the pros at Infinite Ski. The indoor slopes are open daily from 10am until 10pm.

Speaking of trendy indoor activities, the huge Meydan One mall opening in 2020 has revealed that it will have an indoor electric karting track.

Hitting the slopes has never been easier.

When: Daily 10am-10pm
Where: 26th Street, Al Quoz 4
Price: Free (trial session), AED495 (five sessions)
Contact: +971 4 235 3408