Darragh Murphy14 May 2019 AT 10:26 AM

Dubai Aquarium offering huge limited-time 25% discount

Get up close and personal with the king of the sea for less
Darragh Murphy14 May 2019 AT 10:26 AM
Dubai Aquarium offering huge limited-time 25% discount

Swimming around with 750 pounds of muscle and 300 razor sharp teeth – if you fancy taking a dip https://www.shortlistdubai.com/events-attractions/article/25269-atlantis... in a tank with largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world, now’s the perfect time.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is cutting its prices on many of its thrilling aquatic experiences for a limited time, with one of its biggest being ‘Ultimate Shark Dive Experience’.

Until Friday May 31, daring divers (certified diver or not) can take the plunge ten-million-litre tank and come face-to-face with the creatures for AED595 instead of AED790.

A dive master and dive instructor will be there to supervise every dive and will assist divers throughout the experience.

Dare to face the sea beasts with teeth? You can get yourself booked in by visiting www.thedubaiaquarium.com or calling +971 800 38224 6255.

Not a fan of sharks? That’s not the only experience getting the special discount, as those looking for more of a cute and furry critter can take on the ‘Otter Encounter’ for AED230. Who could say no to saying hello to those little guys?

As for another beast with sharp teeth, guests can do the ‘King Croc Encounter’ for AED230, which includes a tour of the resident croc along with a look at how it feeds.

There’s also a ‘Ray Encounter’ for AED230, along with a VIP experience for AED235, which lets you explore a shark exhibit, explore the underwater zoo, go on a glass boat ride and, saving the best for last, lets you skip the queue.

For all the other experiences with the special discount, check them out right here.

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Go on, take the plunge so you can tell the tale that you faced a shark and lived.

When: Until Friday May 31
Where: Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, The Dubai Mall
Contact: +971 800 38224 6255
Website: www.thedubaiaquarium.com