Team shortlist07 Jul 2019 AT 01:49 PM

The best Spider-Man comics to read after Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Web-Head has a lot more crime fighting to do beyond the MCU
Team shortlist07 Jul 2019 AT 01:49 PM
The best Spider-Man comics to read after Spider-Man: Far From Home

We can’t believe we live in a world where there are three Spider-Man “twos” – from going up against Doc Ock in the Sam Raimi trilogy to a blue Electro in the Amazing Spider-Man 2, and now there’s Far From Home.

We’re counting our lucky stars, as the Web-Slinger always offers a great time at the big screen. With the huge Spider-Man craze going on now that Far From Home is officially out in Dubai, we don’t want it to simply go away after walking out of the cinema.

So, if you’re like us and need some more Peter Parker material to get stuck into, here’s a look at some of the best comics starring our friendly neighbourhood hero that are definitely worth a read.

Spoiler warning: for those who still haven’t watched the MCU’s Far From Home and want to go in blind, there may be a slight spoiler in one of the comics below. In other words, go watch Far From Home right now – you’re in for a treat.

Secret Wars
Secret Wars is not strictly a Spider-man story. But this sprawling epic features the wisecracking web-slinger heavily, and has long been a fan favourite. Spidey and a cavalcade of Marvel A-listers (The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four) are thrown together by a cosmic busybody called the Beyonder, on Battleworld, to fight their deadliest foes.

Who will be the ultimate victor? This 12-part crossover event was a landmark for Marvel and had massive implications for comic publishing. Secret Wars also introduced the infamous black Spider-Man costume, which transpired to be alien symbiote Venom...

Marvels - The Remastered Edition
A high water mark of nineties comic publishing, and certainly of comparable calibre to Frank Miller’s more often celebrated The Dark Knight, this is the Marvel universe as seen through the eyes of photojournalist Phil Sheldon.

As New York is engulfed by giants and aliens and costumed oddballs, Sheldon is there documenting it all. With beautiful painted artwork, we get an epic adventure, with Spider-Man front and centre, that culminates in the raw, realistic death of Gwen Stacy. A phenomenal piece of work.

Spider-Man Noir: The Complete Collection
Intrigued by Spider-Man Noir’s Into the Spider-Verse movie appearance? This tome collects the entire run of the hard boiled alternate universe hero. Set in 1930s New York during the Great Depression, the stories give the classic Spider-Man cast a pulp-era twist (i.e. the Goblin is a gangland boss)

Spider-Man Vs Mysterio
This collection of classic tales runs the gamut of Mysterio appearances, from his Stan Lee written debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 13 through to his triumphant return during Dan Slott’s celebrated noughties run.

The stories are tight and fun - the cover references a befuddled Spidey apparently shrunk down into a miniature amusement park set - and the art iconic throughout. John Romita Sr and Ross Andru both draw a lithe Spider-Man, but it’s the angular, expressionistic work of co-creator Steve Ditko that will leave you hankering for more.

If you've developed a taste for arachnid superheroes from across the multiverse, this sequel to Marvel's first printed foray into the Spider-verse features a plethora of Spider characters, including the Spider-man from the PS4 game and the live action Japanese TV Supaidāman (!).

It’s all light years removed from Lee and Ditko’s grounded teen hero, but if you’ve ever wondered how far the Spider-envelope can be stretched…

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