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When will summer start in the UAE?



Yes, we know it’s been cold recently. But you’ll miss this weather… we promise

I’m starting to panic. When will it get hot in the UAE?
Sunday, March 27.

Oh, that’s very precise. How do you know that?
If you’ve lived in the UAE for a few years, you are programmed to realise that summer always starts the day after the Dubai World Cup. This year the big race is on Saturday, March 26. After that, get your jacket off.

Really? It’s always like that?
The weather here is almost exactly the same every year. The Dubai World Cup is traditionally the season’s last big outdoor event.But it’s mid-winter right now?
No, we are in the middle of a cold spell. We say cold, by that we mean it’s only around 23C.

But it’s freezing in the mornings?
Ah yes, well this is where it gets complex. There are actually three different sides to UAE weather: daytime temperatures, night time temperatures and humidity. January is the coldest month in the daytime, with averages usually around 22C. By March, average daytime temperatures are already up to 28C.

But it’s still cold at night?
You are safe to wear a jumper in the evenings until early April, after which even the nights will not be below 22C. By May, it’s already 25C at night.

And humidity?
Now this is a bit of a myth. Everyone always thinks it’s only humid in the summer. It’s actually been 70 percent humidity this week. It only becomes an issue when its hot, as in over 40C. That’s when it becomes unbearable.

Global warming, yeah?
No, it’s called living in the Gulf.

But I’ve just bought a load of jumpers in the sale…
Take a holiday to Europe, then.

And what about rain? I keep reading about something called cloud seeding?
Yes, that is a clever plan to create rain. Scientists in the UAE have been working on this for years, doing many experiments. They stick some chemicals in the sky to create rain.

Wow. When will this be done?
Erm, better take a rain check.

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