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UAE to get new Minister of Happiness



The UAE is to create new ministerial posts, including a minister of state for happiness – who will be responsible for “channeling policies and plans to achieve a happier society” and “create social good and satisfaction”.

There will also be a minister of state for tolerance, who will “instill tolerance as a fundamental value in UAE society”.

The changes were announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice-president and prime minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai on Monday.

He said on Twitter: “We want a government that works on building the skills of its people, aside from providing services … a government focused on putting the happiness of citizens at the forefront of its priorities.

“We need a government whose essence is human and family, education and aspirations to build their future.

“We need a government with its purpose to build a virtuous society, a forgiving environment, close families, educated generations and equal economic opportunities for all.”

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Despite the new posts, the UAE is actually going to cut on the total number of ministries, with many government roles outsourced to the private sector. There will be a single education ministry, with the ministry of higher education scrapped.

“We will have a road map to outsource most government services to the private sector … The new government will have a smaller number of ministries and more ministers to deal with national and strategic issues,” Sheikh Mohammed added on Twitter.

Also on the cards is the appointment of someone much younger to a top government post, with the Dubai Ruler hoping to find a man or woman under age of 25. This person will represent the concerns of the youth population and their ambitions for the future.

“I want that person to be minister with us in the UAE government,” he said, adding:  “Brothers and sisters, young people below the age of 25 make up half our Arab societies. So it is logical that we care for youth issues and concerns.”

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