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Dubai and Abu Dhabi to be linked by new road



If you are heading between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as you well know, there is only way to make the journey: The E11, which starts on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and ends up all the way in Abu Dhabi.

But from the end of next year, major change for the better is coming. An AED2.1 billion project to build a new highway between the two emirates is fast taking shape, and already nearly 60% complete. Once ready, the new link will feature 8 lanes for 62km, as an extension to the current Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

This currently ends at the Dubai-Abu Dhabi border. The extension will pass (from Abu Dhabi) through Al Maha Forest, Kizad and Zayed Military City. It is, according to a report in Gulf News, to feature six new bridges and six tunnels.

It will also connect onto the Abu Dhabi – Al Ain Road. Best of all, it means that there will from next year be a straight route from Abu Dhabi towards the Northern Emirates, without having to pass through Sheikh Zayed Road. That should hugely reduce congestion in Dubai, as the new link is expected to carry 7,000 vehicles per hour.

But if all that still sounds like too much effort, you can wait a few more decades for the “hyperloop” which, the founders claim, will see trains travels between Abu Dhabi and Dubai in just 15 minutes. Developed by Planetary Resources, the trains will run in a vacuum tunnel at a speed of over 1,200 miles per hour. The UAE is one of many countries currently testing the technology, and could give the green light for it to start construction next year.

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