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How to fly from Dubai to London for less than AED1,700



Okay, so fancy a quick weekend in London? We all do… and we all know it isn’t cheap. Even with some current great deals around, you would be hard pressed to find a flight on Emirates for less than AED2,300.

But if you don’t mind adding a few hours and a stop over to your journey, there are many cheaper options.

Our team of researchers has been doing the dirty work for you, and here’s what they found: right now (based on leaving on Thursday March 3 from Dubai and returning Tuesday March 8), the cheapest way is on… wait for it… Ukraine International Airlines. Going and returning via Kiev, this will cost you just AED1,521. Total journey time heading out is ten hours and twenty minutes, and eleven hours and fifteen minutes to return.

The next best option is on Turkish Airlines, which is charging AED1,668 for the same dates (via Istanbul). It’s quicker heading out, at nine hours and fifteen minutes, and twelve hours and fifty five minutes to return.

If you don’t mind landing in Stanstead airport, another decent fare is Pegasus (via Istanbul), with similar journey times and a fare of AED1,763.

Never heard of that airline? Well you definitely won’t have heard of Azerbaijan Yollary. Though maybe it’s time you did. The airline is offering flights via Baku for AED1,787, and the journey time is pretty decent – nine hours fifty five minutes heading out, and eleven hours fifty coming back.

Coming in just under AED2,000 are flights on Royal Brunei (AED1,915) and Gulf Air (AED1,921). The pick of the bunch is Royal Brunei as it is the only direct flight between Dubai and London priced at below AED2,000.

After that, the bigger carriers such as KLM, Air France and Royal Jordanian are a shade above AED2,000.

None of that appeals to you? Well First Class on Emirates right now, return to London, is AED31,895. But it does come with a free shower on board…

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