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UAE issues travel ban to Lebanon



You may have seen that the UAE previously had a travel alert for those thinking of visiting Lebanon. However, the alert has now been increased to a ban on UAE citizens visiting the country, the UAE Foreign and International Cooperation Ministry announced.

The ban will come into effect on Tuesday and the UAE has also decided to reduce the number of diplomats in Lebanon, according to WAM. The ministry’s statement said: “The Foreign and International Cooperation Ministry announced that it had raised its warning situation on traveling to Lebanon to banning travel there … (It) also decided to reduce the members of its diplomatic mission in Beirut to its furthest extent.”

Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have also issued warnings, urging their citizens to leave Lebanon and avoid travelling there. According to SPA news agency, the Saudi foreign ministry issued a statement to ask “all citizens not to travel to Lebanon, for their safety, and asking citizens residing in Lebanon or visiting not to stay unless extremely necessary.” Reports also claim that Saudi Arabia has issued a halt on aid.

The travel ban applies to UAE nationals, however, it’s best to check with your airline or travel provider if you have existing travel plans to visit Lebanon from the UAE.

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