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VIDEO: Insane stunt driving video shot in Dubai



Anything that XDubai touches turns to awesome. The latest video uploaded to Ford Performance’s YouTube channel displays just how awesome.

In a collaboration between Ford Performance, XDubai and Hoonigan, professional rally driver Ken Block skids and drifts his way across Dubai in the eight installment of his Gymkhana video series. The video, which is dubbed ‘Ultimate Exotic Playground’ is filmed in locations all over the city.

With stunts, a famous face, a big production and Dubai as the backdrop, it’s everything you’d hope it to be. Expect to see Dubai’s signature fleet of Police cars, a drag race between a Veyron, Ferrari F12, Lexus LFA and Lamborghini Aventador, and a helicopter… Obviously.

The city’s most iconic landmarks have all been shoehorned in. The Palm, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and Al Qasr all feature in the 9-minute clip.

Nail-biting stuff!

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