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More rain expected in the UAE



It’s been a rough Wednesday across the UAE, with unstable weather in most parts of the country causing rain, lighting, thunder and even flooding. Some roads are closed and residents have been warned not to drive unless it’s necessary.

But the question on everyone’s minds is, how long will this go on for? According to the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), the storm isn’t over. Although the heavy rain has eased off slightly, BBC weather reports that there will be lightning on Wednesday night and more rain on Thursday.

The NCMS’s report for the UAE Thursday reads: “Weather will remain unstable during daytime, the amount of clouds will increase over scattered areas accompanied by thunder/towering clouds, especially over northern & eastern areas with a chance of scattered rain with different intensity, causing flood conditions near eastern & northern mountainous areas. Cloud amount will decrease gradually during night & Friday morning. Moderate to fresh winds, strong at times during thunder activity. Sea will be moderate, rough at times in the Arabian Gulf and Oman Sea. The relative humidity will increase during night & morning times with a chance of fog formation over some areas.”

It seems that both Dubai and Abu Dhabi can expect rain on Thursday, easing off towards the end of the day with temperatures ranging between 18 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

As for the weekend, don’t go cancelling your plans yet. It seems that the storm will make way for clear skies, with the weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi expected to be relatively sunny.

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