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Dubai more affordable to live & work than London



We can already tell that this will be a widely debated topic, but according to a new report by Savills, the cost of living and working in London is almost double the cost of living and working in Dubai.

The company’s latest Live/Work Index claims that the cost of accommodating an employee in the likes of Dubai, Sydney and Los Angeles is much cheaper than England’s capital. The index is used to measure the combined office and accommodation cost across some of the world’s leading cities.

While Dubai is still in the world’s top ten most expensive cities to host an employee, it’s ranked at number nine, putting it much further down the list than the likes of London, New York and Hong Kong, which make up the top three.

But before we explode into heated debate about attraction, grocery and clothing prices, let’s look at how the index is compiled – it’s made using the combined cost of office and residential rents per employee.

The Savilles report reasons that it costs, on average, $58,300 per year to host an employee in Dubai (taking into account office rent and residential rent). In comparison, it puts this figure at $112,800 in London.

According to Savilles, of the 20 cities measured, the average cost of accommodation per employee came out at $56,855 per year.

Check out the full list below:

1. London – $112,800

2. New York – $111,300

3. Hong Kong – $103,200

4. Paris – $78,200

5. Tokyo – $69,800

6. San Francisco – $66,300

7. Lagos – $63,00

8. Singapore – $60,600

9. Dubai – $58,300

10. Sydney – $49,500

11. Miami – $49,00

12. Los Angeles – $48,600

13. Moscow – $48,300

14. Chicago – $44,700

15. Shanghai – $43,700

16. Dublin – $36,500

17. Mumbai – $28,400

18. Berlin – $27,700

19. Johannesburg – $20,700

20. Rio de Janeiro – $16,500

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