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UAE petrol prices to rise 10% next week



Better fill up quick. Petrol prices across the country will rise on Friday, by at least 10 percent.

You may remember back in July last year, the UAE said it would change the way fuel is priced. The old system of fixed, subsidised prices was ditched, and instead prices are now adjusted in response to global trends.

Well that’s been great for several months as the price of petrol on the pump has steadily declined. Not any more… the price of Brent crude in the last month has risen from $36 a barrel to more than $40, and the end result is we are all going to have to pay more.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the price of Super 98 fuel will go up by 10.2 percent, from AED1.47 in March to AED1.62 in April. Special 95 will go up even more, by 11 per cent, from AED1.36 to AED1.51. And E-Plus 91 is up 11.6 percent from AED1.29 to AED1.44.

Use diesel? Same story. Prices will rise by 11.4 percent from AED1.40 to AED1.56.

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