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Dubai temperatures soar to 99 degrees



Well we did warn you didn’t we? A few weeks back ShortList predicted that the last day of winter would be the day of the Dubai World Cup – which was on Saturday.

And now it looks like we have gone straight from winter to summer.  Temperatures in Dubai today (Tuesday) soared to 37 degrees Celsius (98.7 Fahrenheit), as recorded at 3pm on March 29 at Dubai World Central. It looks like by the end of today, we could well have hit the 100 Fahrenheit mark.

So what’s in store? Two bits of good news. First, humidity is very low, at just 19 percent, so it doesn’t feel too bad right now. And the forecast for the next few days is that the mercury will fall in Dubai, with a high of 34 Celsius on Wednesday, and back below 30c for the next week. Rain is actually forecast for Friday with da time highs of 24c. Next Monday could even see a night time low of just 16c. And there could even be a spot of rain later next week.

But we suggest you make the most of it. By the end of April, don’t be surprised to see temperatures hitting the 40c mark and rising steadily, with peaks around 45c often seen in August.

If that all sounds a bit too much for you, look on the bright side – only five months before temperatures start falling again.

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