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Using indicators in UAE is “a sign of weakness”



You know the feeling pretty well we are sure. Well, if it makes you feel better, you are not alone in wondering why the car in front of you did not bother to indicate.

A new survey from RoadSafetyUAE and Qatar Insurance Company says that only 15% of UAE drivers regularly use their indicators. More worrying is the fact that 21% of road fatalities last year were caused by lane swerving.

So why are drivers not bothering? Bizarrely, 9% of drivers said that using indicators is a “sign of weakness”. Around 23% blamed traffic distraction, 16% said it was out of habit while another 16% said it was a sign of inexperience. Around 11% said they were not used to do so in their home country.

“We’re quite surprised to see that almost all acknowledge, that using the indicator increases road safety, but only 15% are seen to actually use the indicator when driving – it seems like an easy win for safer roads, if motorists would actually use the indicator when switching lanes and we need to analyse how we can positively influence our customers to increase the usage of the indicator,” said Frederik Bisbjerg, executive vice president MENA Retail at QIC Insured, in a press statement.

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