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Dubai sees coldest April for 19 years



Felt a bit nippy this morning? Well, it might be time to get the winter jumpers back out. Temperatures in Dubai on Tuesday morning slipped to a shade over 17c around 6am – a low not seen since 1997.

The coldest morning for 19 years came as the weather across the UAE continues to defy logic, bringing for many an extended and welcome winter.  Exactly a year ago today, morning temperatures were closer to the average of 23c.

We don’t expect much improvement in the coming days with temperatures unlikely to break the 30c mark. Today’s high in Dubai is expected to be just 27c. Again, this is unusual. Normally we are already in the mid-thirties by now. In fact, the all-time high for April 5th is 41c, back in 1998.

And if you though the rainy season was over, think again. Forecasters predict there could be more rain next week, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We’ll keep you posted on the rain…

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