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Dubai Police to issue AED1,000 fine for eating while driving



If you’re constantly late, doing your make-up in the car or eating breakfast on the go may seem like a good way to save time. But did you know that both of these things are actually illegal while driving? A new AED1,000 ($272) fine is being imposed on anyone eating, drinking, applying make-up, reading, adjusting head scarves, taking a selfie, watching a video or smoking.

On top of the fine, motorists caught breaking any of these rules will also face 12 black points on their licence. If the offence is deemed serious enough, and endangers human lives, the offender’s car could be impounded. This comes as part of a federal traffic law which aimed to decrease traffic accidents in the UAE. It adds 10 actions to the list of things considered “driving in a dangerous manner”, including drinking, applying make-up and combing hair.

The fine aims to prevent the number of motorists who are distracted while driving, as in Q3 of last year the Ministry of Interior revealed that swerving was the main cause of road accidents in the UAE.

As (we hope) all of us already know, using your mobile phone while driving is also illegal, whether sending a text or taking a selfie, and carries an AED200 fine and four black points.

Major General Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Assistant Police Commander-in-Chief for Operations in Dubai, said:  “All these offences will be classified under one offence involving failure by the drivers to concentrate on the road by getting busy with other things.”

“The new law also involves impounding the offender’s car if it is proved that the offence endangered human lives.”

He also reminded motorists that use of mobile phones is completely banned while driving, even when the car is stopped at traffic lights.

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