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VIDEO: Man rides hoverboard on edge of Dubai skyscraper



There’s a lot of restrictions placed on “hoverboards” these days – both travelling with them and riding them. The self-balancing wheels are widely thought of as dangerous if used in public spaces and near roads. Dubai-based stuntman Oleg Cricket has, as he’s known to do, taken that danger to a whole new level.

The free-climbing enthusiast who has amassed 188,000 Instagram followers, mainly from having around on top of tall buildings, posted a clip on YouTube showing him take a hoverboard to the edge of a Dubai skyscraper. On Instagram, he captioned the post “[A] scene from my full video. How am I still alive?”

A video posted by ᎢᎻᎬ ONᎬ (@olegcricket) on

Recently he posted a terrifying image of himself wedged between two walls – with a massive drop to the ground. The 25-year-old has been posting from Dubai a lot over the last few months, as he risks his life on some of the city’s highest skyscrapers. One of his most viewed videos shows him doing a back-flip on a building next to Sheikh Zayed Road.

He also made international headlines by climbing Dubai’s Princess Tower with friends without a harness and preforming parkour stunts, jumping between window ledges and sitting on the edge of the 1,358 foot high tower.

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