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Freedom Pizza’s new Dubai advert will pull on your heart strings



When hunger strikes and you fancy a pizza, you probably watch the clock, counting down the minutes until you can stuff your face. But what about the driver who has negotiated traffic and motorways in order to bring you your order?

Dubai-based company Freedom Pizza decided to put an emphasis on driver safety, reminding their team that no matter how much they need a job to support their family at home, their lives are more important than pizza.

The powerful advert reads, “In Dubai, delivery bike drivers have a reputation for being unsafe. But when you’re the sole provider for your family back home, the pressure to deliver fast can seem more important than safety.”

One of the riders says that he hasn’t told his family at home what he does for work, because he doesn’t want them to worry.

Delivery drivers were given helmets with pictures of their family and words such “I am a son” and “I am a father”. Their aim is to remind the drivers that they have people counting on them to be safe.

The advert says: “Freedom Pizza wanted to promote an effective safety culture amongst their riders, by reminding them why their lives are more important than any delivery.”

The initiative has already received a huge amount of praise in the region. At the end of the clip, Thomas Edelmann, founder of Road Safety UAE says: We hope that other institutions will learn from this example and hopefully we will see more of these creative initiatives in the very near future.

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