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[INFOGRAPHIC] Cities where rent eats up your salary



Rent is a topic that tends to stir people up. Whenever we post a story about rent in Dubai, our comments tend to go into overdrive with opinions and disagreements. Recently, people in London shared their tenancy horror stories on Twitter via the hashtag #ventyourrent, with accounts of enormously high monthly payments for rooms that can barely fit a bed.

The difference between rent in London and Dubai is often debated, with various studies conflicting on which city is more expensive. Statistics from 2015 by Global Cities Business Alliance carried out their study in a slightly different way, looking into annual rent as a percentage of net earnings. Of the 15 cities studied, Dubai comes in at number seven, with researchers claiming that 55.4 percent of an average employee’s pay cheque goes on rent. That makes rent in Dubai five percent more expensive than London and 4.9 more expensive than the notoriously expensive San Francisco.

However, on average, Dubai and it’s similarly positioned counterparts don’t appear to be too unaffordable compared to other cities. This is possibly due to a slightly higher income making up for expensive rent.

According to the study Mexico City is more expensive than Dubai – not because the rental costs are more, but because the income levels are less.

You will find more statistics at Statista

On the highest end of the scale is China’s capital Beijing, which comes in at a whopping 122.9 percent. This means that the cost of renting an apartment in the city is around 1.2 times higher than the average person’s monthly income. This is almost twice as high as any of the other cities in the study, as Abu Dhabi is positioned at number two with a much more reasonable 69.5 percent.

Boston sits at the most affordable end with 29.8 percent of worker’s salaries going on rent, followed by Sao Paulo at 30.2 percent.

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