VIDEO: Step inside Bollywood Parks Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts have been teasing videos and images ahead of the grand opening in October this year. However, a recently released video of Bollywood Parks Dubai is possibly the most detailed yet…

Thomas Jellum, general manager of Bollywood Parks Dubai, takes us onto what is currently a construction site saying: “This is the first ever and most unique Bollywood theme park in the world. Come on and have a look with me.”

On entering the park visitors are greeted by Bollywood boulevard, which has street performers and one of the biggest shops in the resorts. Nearby is Rock On, a large entertainment venue that will put on performances including live music, dancing and DJs.

As for the rides, they look every bit as exciting as you’d expect. ‘Don’ is based on the movie, but is instead set on the streets of Dubai where visitors are involved in a car chase. The ‘Sholay’ ride is also a driving experience, but this one is more for the family.

Details of ‘Dabangg’, a spectacular stunt show, are also revealed – the park was recruiting some of the best performers in India late last year to take part in what promises to be an impressive show. In Bollywood Film Studios you can even make your own Bollywood movie and star in the film yourself.

It’s starting to look like a real theme park, not least the massive Rajmahal Theatre, which looks near completion. Once completed it will have 850 seats and rising floors will bring actors and dancers out. It will put on four daytime shows as well as a nighttime spectacle.

Previously, Matthew Priddy, chief technical officer of Dubai Parks and Resorts spoke of the challenge of opening three parks within one resort saying: “Well as you know Dubai is all about world records. We are attempting our own world record. We are attempting to do something that nobody has ever done before.”

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