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You can rent a studio in Dubai for AED25,000 per year



Rent is one of the favourite topics amongst Dubai residents – price, cheques, increases and areas are all part of the standard water cooler conversations. But when it comes to where to bag the cheapest property, the Real Estate Agency (which is the regulatory arm of Dubai Land Department) have put a stop to the speculation with the city’s official rent index.

Apparently you can bag a studio for AED25,000 per year in Dubai Investment park (DIP), Emirates 24|7 reported. Across in Dubai Outsource Zone, the monthly rental ranges from AED2,100 to AED2,500 per month.

International City, which usually comes top of the more affordable rent lists, is slightly higher than DIP, with the yearly rent for a studio unit coming in at between AED30,000 to AED35,000. The figures creep up a bit in Dubailand, where the annual rent is between AED30,000 and AED40,000, wile Dubai Silicone Oasis is between AED35,000 to AED45,000 per year.

In order to decide further rent increases, new laws are coming in which will give a star rating for each building in the city. This will be taken into account in the rent index, according to Mohamad Khodr Al Dah, director of Dubai Land Department Technical Affairs Department. The idea behind the star rating is that owners of older buildings will not be able to increase rent at the same rate as owners of newer buildings, in order to make the system more fair for tenants.

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