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Gulf temperatures could reach 50 Celsius in June



The average temperature for June is expected to be around 40 degrees Celsius, with humidity on the rise.

After-dark temperatures will likely hover just below 30, with lows hitting 25 degrees Celsius. As for the hottest weather, according to Emirates 24|7, temperatures across the Gulf are expected to reach highs of 50 degrees Celsius.

Meteorologist Khalid Al Zuak told Saudi daily Ajel: “Maximum temperatures in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries will average 45 to 50 degrees during Ramadan.”

But the good news is that long range weather forecasts seem to be showing much lower highs. The likes of are currently expecting Dubai’s June temperatures to peak at 41 degrees Celsius.

It’s a similar story in Abu Dhabi, with BBC weather predicting highs of 41 and lows of 23 for the next few weeks.

Last year, local media reported that the UAE was the hottest place in the world on June 2, 2015, with temperatures in Al Ain recorded at 50.5 degrees Celsius shortly after 11am.

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