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VIDEO: Skydive Dubai’s epic stunt with Breitling



Skydive Dubai have done it again with another epic stunt and accompanying video. A team of skydivers and wingsuiters joined up with the Breitling wingwalkers to put on a spectacular display.

The short film marks six months since Skydive Dubai and Breitling started collaborating, and they certainly celebrated with quite the show. The Breitling wingwalkers were joined by the Skydive Dubai Swoop team, the canopy team, wingsuit team and flag jumpers, showing off their skills and tricks to the iconic skyline of Dubai.

“Our team is the world’s only formation wing walking team and it’s our job, and also a very enjoyable job, to go around the world performing at different airshows as we go,” says the narrator. “I felt this flight from the start would be very difficult because we were trying to marry together the three different sizes of wings, two teams of skydiving and wing walking. So there was a large variation of speed that we had to achieve, and everything was happening on a downward trend.”

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