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Plans for an outdoor ice rink in Dubai



In news that makes us want to grab a pair of mittens and a bobble hat, Dubai might be getting an outdoor ice rink. “An outdoor ice rink in the desert?” we hear you ask. We use the work “ice” loosely, as what is being proposed is actually a synthetic ice rink, made of plastic.

In an interview with Construction Week, Ziad El Chaar, managing director of Damac Properties said: “[It] is an outdoor ice rink made of materials that are exactly treated as though they were ice. This will be ready in three years’ time.”

He continued: “We haven’t placed the order, we are still in discussion with a Calgary company. We have quotation, but we haven’t yet got to the final [stages] – it is too early to say how much it will cost.”

The synthetic ice rink is may be three years away, but it’s certainly exciting news for Damac’s Akoya development, where it will be located.

According to El Chaar, a plastic rink is far more durable than real ice, which is why they are used in many universities in Canada. And the benefits for using fake materials in the desert are obvious.

“You can polish the rink to be as slippery as an ice rink, but you can install it outside, in the desert. You can [even] put on your ice skates on,” he added.

These fake rinks are far more energy efficient, given that they don’t use any energy to continue freezing water.

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