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VIDEO: Dubai Dad tells the world what it’s REALLY like to have a baby



Scroll though Facebook and you’d think having a baby was a walk in the park – like, an actual walk in the park full of selfies with ducks and snapchat filters. When Dubai Dad, Reid McIntosh, became a parent to baby Noah, he realised that it was all one big lie, and decided to do something about it. Together with his wife, Leigh, the idea for ‘Honest Landmark Moments’ was born.

“Parenting is hard but in a totally different way than you think they’re going to be. The pictures that parents share on social media are always ‘perfect’… which is mad because parenting definitely isn’t perfect. Parenting is crazy and hectic and brilliant – not perfect,” explains Reid.

After being given a pack of landmark parenting cards which celebrated milestones such as “I smiled for the first time today”, they soon realised that there were many un-celebrated milestones to contend with.

“We loved the idea of landmark cards, but they are all a bit too ideal for what life was like for us as parents,” says Leigh. “They miss out all of the fun, unexpected things that happen to you as a parent. So we decided to write our own cards based on what we knew parenting to be, stinky, noisy and definitely not ideal… and they turned out to be really funny.”

Packs of 38 cards are available for pre-order here.

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