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‘World’s hottest criminal’ set for Dubai appearance?



Let’s give a bit of a backstory for those of you who aren’t up-to-date. A man called Jeremy Meeks was arrested in America, and after his rather piercing mugshot was posted on Facebook by police in California, it went viral with over 100,000 likes and shares.

Whether he deserves the fame that has followed or not is up for debate, but morals aside, Jeremy has been dubbed the ‘World’s hottest criminal’ and has come out of prison with a huge social media fan base, a manager and rumoured modelling contracts.

According to The Daily Mail, his new manager, Jim Jordan, said: “We’ve had contact with a lot of big brands. We’ve had contact from all the major, major brands.

“We have major, major fashion brands, designers on the table. We have movies on the table, we have book deals on the table, we have reality non-scripted television on the table, we have pilots on the table, we have club openings in Dubai, Vegas and all over the world.”

Club openings in Dubai, huh? We wonder what Mr Meeks would have to do at one of these openings, other than just sit there and look intense.

The 30-year-old skyrocketed to fame off the back of a conviction for illegal gun possession, for which he served 27 months in jail. He is married with three children, and White Cross Management’s Jim Jordan says that he’s looking forward to giving Meeks a ‘second chance’.

According to reports he has spent the last ten years in and out of prison, following brushes with the law for possession of weapons and grand theft.

Life is about to be very different for the ‘world’s most handsome criminal’.

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