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Humidity levels could reach above 90% in UAE



It’s that time of the year again – when you go outside only to find that your sunglasses steam up. And according to the latest weather report from the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS), we have quite a humid few days ahead.

Tuesday’s weather report for the UAE says that the humidity “is likely to increase over some coastal and internal areas, especially the central and the western, and mist may form.” This means that the humidity could be between 75% and 90% in parts of the country. ShortList called NCMS this morning to check humidity levels over the next three days, and a forecaster said that it could reach up to 95% in some coastal areas in the early morning.

There is also a warning of fresh north-westerly winds of 25 kilometres per hour which will likely create rough seas on the Arabian Gulf. According to NCMS, there winds could reach up to 38 kilometres per hour at times.

As for the temperature, lows of 26 degrees Celsius are expected in parts of the UAE, however some internal areas could hit 48 degrees Celsius.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi can expect temperatures to stay between 25C and 45C, with humidity levels ranging from 15% to 90% depending on the time of day.

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