PICTURES: Inside Dubai’s ‘rainforest hotel’

Just when you thought that Dubai’s hotels couldn’t possibly get more spectacular, plans for a rainforest hotel show up. And now more details of the incredible project, which will be located on Sheikh Zayed Road near Barsha Heights, have emerged.

Rosemount Hotel and Residences will consist of two towers at 53 stories high. But it’s the indoor rainforest that’s getting everyone talking. We can expect a waterfall, pools and mist spraying the trees, as well as a sand-less beach. Quite possibly the most impressive part (yes, there’s more) is the technology that will give the illusion of tropical rain without getting guests wet.

The swimming pool is going to give a breathtaking view of Dubai, with zero edges and a glass-bottom star-studded base to mimic the night sky.

Kids aren’t left out either, as there will be a Jurassic Park-style marsh for them to play in. A skydive simulator, an underwater projection in the entrance area and a bowling alley are just some of the other incredible experiences on offer at the luxury hotel.

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