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A haunted house has opened in Dubai and it sounds petrifying



If you’re afraid of things that go bump in the night, stop reading now. Seriously, stop. This is scary stuff.

A haunted house has opened in Dubai Mall, billing itself as the “first extreme haunted attraction in the Middle East.” It comes complete with lost children, distraught parents, dark rooms and claustrophobic chambers to ensure a spine-chilling experience as you walk around the haunted manor.

Hysteria Haunted Attraction promises blood-curdling screams and scares from some of the manor’s characters. If that’s not enough to terrify you, just check out what the owner and managing director, Rami Khoury, had to say…

Hysteria is a terrifying ordeal and by no means for the faint-hearted. An emotionally petrifying experience, Hysteria is everything you would expect in a world-class extreme haunted attraction that feeds your fears, bewilders the mind and offers the ultimate adrenaline-pumping shock,” he explained. “With a keen desire to scare the wits out of our courageous visitors, we are thrilled to see them running for their lives upon leaving the manor. We challenge many more Hysteria survivors to take the plunge, if they dare.”

Khoury sees the attraction as a new addition to Dubai’s thrill-seeking offering, promising an “extreme” experience that will get your adrenaline pumping.

Apparently the attraction is so scary that it’s only open to visitors (victims?) aged 14 or above, although those aged 13 will be allowed access with an adult. It’s now open from 10am until 12am daily opposite Reel Cinemas (next to Sega Republic) in The Dubai Mall, so go and have a scare if you think you’re hard enough. We’ll just stay at home with a glass of milk and a crossword puzzle.

Level 2, The Dubai Mall. Tickets cost AED100. For more information visit

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