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ShortList sells charity issue for AED1



It’s not much is it, a dirham? You probably lost one down the back of the sofa this morning. You’ll need 15 of them just to buy a coffee. Put several thousand together, though, and it’s a sum that might become life-changing for quite a lot of people.

It’s why we at ShortList have decided to ask customers in select shops and outlets to pay just AED1 for ShortList for the remainder of the summer. It’s not much for you, but added all up, it can make a huge difference to those most in need in the UAE.

All the dirhams we collect over the next weeks and months will be donated to the Dubai Autism Centre – ensuring this important institution can continue its mission of educating, supporting and nurturing children in the UAE with Autism.

Your dirham will contribute to strengthening these activities:

Education: Each student is given an individual education plan by special educators and therapists.

Speech Therapy: The centre works to eliminate and reduce the impact of communication barriers and provide
hope, dignity and support to the students.

Occupational and Creative Therapy: This unit’s values revolve around adopting different approaches to therapies in order to improve and extend the level of functionality for each student.

Community Services: The centre provides assessment and diagnosis as well as counselling services to families, highlighting the programmes for their child to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Professional Development: Offering training to ensure that professionals in the field are up to date with the latest methods and developments.

So, thank you for spending AED1 on this week’s issue of ShortList magazine. We promise you it’s definitely worth it.

The Dubai Autism Center is a non-profit initiative founded in 2001 by decree from HH Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. For more information, please visit:

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