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A haunted hotel is opening in Dubai



If feeling a bit uneasy is your idea of a good night, you’re in luck. Dubai’s first haunted hotel is set to open at IMG Worlds of Adventure on August 15.

OK, major disclaimer. It’s called The Haunted Hotel, but you can’t actually stay the night. It’s more of a haunted house, promising guests a “staycation” experience that they’ll never forget. It doesn’t quite specify why you won’t forget it… which somehow makes it all sound a bit scarier.

The whole concept seems like a TripAdvisor reviewer’s nightmare. You’re greeted by a “sickly stench” on arrival, followed by hair-raising screams. That’s a quiet room off the table, then. Apparently “mingling with other guests isn’t advised”, which must mean that they’re zombies or something equally terrifying.

As for the restaurant, you probably won’t feel too hungry when you hear what they’re serving up. “Unethically sourced by the hotel’s butcher”, apparently every dish looks far too familiar for comfort.

Brothers Jack and Scott Donovan are in charge of the creepy hotel, making sure you’re suitably uncomfortable for the duration of your stay.

Lennard Otto, Chief Executive Officer of IMG Worlds of Adventure, comments, “We are thrilled to be launching The Haunted Hotel, which will offer our guests a spine-tingling time, leaving lasting memories which they will hope to forget. Although there are hundreds of hotels close by, we wanted to do something different and the way the Donovan brothers like to run a business caught our attention. Their approach to hospitality is certainly not for the faint hearted.”

He added, “As the guest experience is our number one priority for IMG Worlds of Adventure, we strongly advise you will be entering The Haunted Hotel at your own risk.” Although he’s almost definitely… probably joking about that last bit. We hope.

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